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Today I decided to publish as open source project the code I have written during a rainy holiday in the Netherlands. It is written in .net c#, wpf and is using quite a few of the Microsoft API’s to read the structure from a database, to create a database with stored procedures, parse sql code, and to generate a multidimensional cube. I had a lot of fun during the development and I always wanted to improve and add more features to the project till the point that it would be a usable product. However, I never found the time to work on it. But now, you can pick it up when I left it and bring the project to the new level. I would be very grateful if the project will start a second life and develop and improve from now on with your help!

This is a short demo on how it works:

There is very little documentation, the code itself is documentation enough 🙂

Please let me know if you succeed to compile and use it to create a data warehouse and cube.

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