This is a example on how to use the Microsoft T-SQL parser in C# which is part of the Feature Pack. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Feature Pack: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Transact-SQL Language Service: The SQL Server Transact-SQL Language Service is a component based on the .NET Framework which provides parsing validation and IntelliSense… Read More

ScriptDb is a C# console app that uses SQL Management Objects (SMO) to script database objects. This project is a refinement and improvement of the orignal work of  Jesse Hersch of His project can be found at codeplex: Some other forks of the same project can be found here: My version… Read More

This is a sql script I am using quite some time now, from 2010. It is based on the original work from Microsoft but it is heavily upgraded to give you more options and functionality. You can use the script to just show information about the fragmentation level of the indexes, or to give you… Read More

This is a project created with the goal in mind to get insight in various options for optimizing a dimension in a SSAS multidimensional cube. We want to see the difference in performance by using a key based on integer or uniqueidentifier. We want to see the performance of the cube in following cases: we… Read More